Need Resume Guidance? Use Resume Examples And Templates

Resume examples are available online for career seekers. These templates can help people design a resume that will be recognized by hiring managers and by online resume searching algorithms. When people invest time into making their resumes stellar, they have a better opportunity of obtaining a job. Before a hiring manager meets a candidate or has a phone conversation, the resume will be the first introduction. The presentation must be memorable and effective to increase their chances of being hired.

Components of a Resume

Identifying Information. At the top of the resume, the applicant’s name, address, email address and phone number are typically listed for easy identification. Nearly every resume type lists this information near the top.

Summary of Experience. This section will list a summary of an applicant’s work experience and is typically included with every resume style in some form or another. Instead of a summary, some applicants may include an objective instead. Each resume template has its own unique placement for this component of the resume, but it is generally near the top of the page.

Educational Attainment, Awards and Accolades. Most resume templates will have a place to list educational attainment, awards and accolades. The formatting style will be different in every template, but the information will remain the same. For the best results, choose a template that allows the applicant to highlight this information if it is a selling point. Some people opt to leave this information off the resume because it is not the highlight of their career.

List of Experiences with Dates. The way experiences are listed are the most common way resumes vary. Most often, this section will include the employer’s name, the length of time worked in an organization, a description of the skills mastered and the position held at the organization. Each resume template will include unique formatting to help resumes stand out and attract a hiring manager’s attention.

Formatting of a Resume

There are numerous websites online offering free online resume templates. These websites will take care of the formatting. The applicant simply must enter the information into the template and proofread the document for errors. The formatting requires little or no effort. There are numerous resume types: Business, marketing, administrative, engineer, architect, art, attorney, consultant and many more.

Each template will be different. For example, a business resume may be more conservative. These people will be less interested in the formatting and more in the content. A graphic artist, on the other hand, may use their resume as an opportunity to showcase their talent by using impressive graphics, fonts and formatting. Applicants must remain aware of what is acceptable in their industry.

Submit Your Resume

After the process is complete, the resume can go into circulation. If the templates are successful, the applicant will successfully attract hiring managers to review the resume. Look online to find the perfect template and begin applying for jobs. Most applicants have gained success from using these templates.

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