Focused – 30 Reminders You Need Today

“At times — good reminder is all you need to stay focused.”

Sometimes It can be hard keeping motivated and staying focused. David Goggins described as the “toughest man in the world,” says it’s not motivation alone that will keep us going, but being driven is what ensures we are focused.

You have to put in every day and remind yourself of what you’re doing to get where you want.

If you find yourself stuck this week, remind yourself of these 30 statements to keep you focused.

  1. It’s okay to look stupid. Nobody knows it all.
  2. Keep moving. Even if you have to crawl.
  3. Know when to quit. It’s okay to try and fail.
  4. Know when to take risk. Not everything is worth it.
  5. Know when to speak. Silence is a great language.
  6. Help is always around the corner for those who wait without losing heart.
  7. Hope is the greatest weapon against adversity
  8. Patience is the key to success. Some things take long to happen.
  9. Even if you don’t believe in anything, believe in your thoughts.
  10. Don’t curse your day before it ends. Some things happen in the eleventh hour.
  11. Every pain helps you grow.
  12. Anger blurs your vision. Happiness improves your sight.
  13. When disappointment comes, keep believing.
  14. Nobody ever got better overnight.
  15. Don’t be deterred by your enemies. They wouldn’t hurt you if they knew who you were.
  16. Teachers only teach you theory, but it is the struggles of life that educate you.
  17. Don’t overlook little things. Maybe they’re the only things you’re required to look at.
  18. Don’t carry over today’s troubles forward
  19. What you worry about now has no power to harm you. It’s what you don’t know that is dangerous.
  20. Always do your best no matter how discouraged you feel.
  21. Don’t do it because it’s convenient. Do it because it’s a commitment.
  22. Constant action is the No #1 solution against boredom.
  23. Never leave your mind to be idle when you’re awake. And never allow your mind to think when you’re asleep.
  24. Never lose focus of your dream even if nobody seems to care.
  25. When nobody seems to care, dance to your own song.
  26. Shutting your ears to external noise helps you listen to your inner vision.
  27. Whatever is causing you stress right now has no right to exist tomorrow.
  28. Today you’re going through chaos, but someday everything will make perfect sense.
  29. Don’t spend too much energy giving thought to problems.
  30. Always ignore your erratic mind and allow the soul to guide you.

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