Expand Your Vision

“God is not found in places. God is found in consciousness.”

-Joel Goldsmith

You’ve heard of thinking outside the box, right? When you think outside the box you open yourself to innovative ways of approaching problems or situations and you can look at things from a new perspective. But when you are stuck in a rut feeling like there’s no way out of your situation whether it’s mental, financial, emotional or physical it’s hard to think outside the box because you’re stuck inside of it!

I often hear people say things like: I’ll never meet anyone again, I’ll never get out of debt, who would want to hire me, I guess I’ll be alone forever, who would want to marry me, why doesn’t anything ever good happen to me? And on and on.

So, what is it that you think is missing for these people? What is the one thing that they can’t see because they are lost in the darkness inside their own mind and their old ways of thinking? What if this darkness that occupies Mind Street was replaced with hope, belief and trust? Then would they have a different view of things?

When you open your vision beyond your own little inside world filled with fears, doom and gloom, woe-is-me, limited thinking you will begin to see what’s beyond the inside of the box. And, when you allow yourself to open up to a new way of thinking or a new consciousness; what is outside of the box is a world filled with infinite possibilities.

Instead of being locked down by your thoughts, your thoughts will be the very thing that can set you free. It begins with trusting that life is working out the way it’s supposed to on your unique journey.

Let’s just pretend you have a barometer that can read your “trust level.” It goes from 1 to 100. Now throughout the day, you’re going to check and see what your meter reads. If you trust in God/Your Higher Self/Allah/ or whatever and you truly believe that you are being guided; your trust level is high. But if you don’t believe things will work out for you and you have no faith, where do you think your trust level will be? The best part is you can adjust your trust level by what you choose to believe in.

When you can learn to expand your vision to connect with higher consciousness, this connection is the essence of who you are and who you are connected to. And it is through this connection that you raise your mind to a new level that is out of the box and you will be well on your way to experiencing life the way you were meant to.

Many people seek out this connection through meditation, and prayer which helps you become aware of who you really are. Too often what happens is we identify who we are with our human experience, our mind or ego, i.e. who we are, what we drive, where we live, what our story is, what is happening to us and all of the superficial stuff.

But when you become more “consciously aware” of who you really are which is your soul and you connect with your soul, i.e. a higher consciousness, you will look at things with new eyes, a new awareness. Begin to look at life through your spiritual eyes; it will stretch your faith and your vision so you can get rid of the old negative mindsets that hold you back.

And when you understand this, you will have expanded your vision and how you look at life. It’s worth the view!

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