Be a Work At Home Mom

Why It’s Ideal to Be A WAHM

It’s impossible to ignore the changes 2020 and 2021 has presented for families, especially moms who are now having to explore the uncharted work at home model. 

As we continue to embrace a new normal with COVID-19, the option to work at home has become more common among households. 

With several businesses operating remotely, there are now more opportunities for entrepreneurs or “mompreneurs” to run their own office from home.

A lot of moms struggle with the concept of becoming a work at home mom. It’s tempting to do it, but they just aren’t sure if it’s the right thing for them. 

Whether or not you are passionate about something, are looking for additional income, or wanting a purpose, it’s possible now more than ever.

If you are reading now and floating somewhere in between, maybe this article will help you. There are many reasons why choosing to become a work at home mom or “WAHM” is ideal. Let’s read ahead.

Reason #1: Time

When you work outside the home, you lose a lot of time. The number of work hours will likely be the same, either at home or in the office.

However, depending on where you live, there is a commute to consider going to and from work. Also, other obligations might keep you from getting home just when you like.

Additionally, parents who are gone from the home create problems when there are kids to consider. The attachment needs of children are significant. Parents working a full-time job are gone for 9-10 hours per day (depending on position and commute). Truthfully, that only leaves a few hours to spend amongst your kids and alone. 

In contrast, when working at home, you don’t need to “leave” for work until it’s time to begin work. No commute required. And when you’re done with work, you can leave and be home, well, immediately. 

Also, your kids most likely will be in the same space so they can see you and feel secure.

Reason #2: Chaos

The life of a household with two working parents can be chaotic. You might get home from work only to turn right around and head to soccer practice, or gymnastics, or piano lessons, or a combination of all of them. There’s a certain amount of chaos build into that situation.

When you work at home, you are already there. When it’s time to head to soccer, you simply shut down your work for the day (or for now, if you intend to return later), and you go to soccer. Sometimes you might even be able to bring your work with you.

You won’t have any of the scheduling problems that moms who work outside the home might have. You can allow your kids after-school activities and playdates. You’re there to either supervise or do the driving.

Reason #3: Money

You might be surprised to discover that you can save money by working at home, thereby increasing your net income. When you work at home, you don’t have to pay for full-time daycare.

Depending on your children’s ages, you might need to take advantage of some part-time daycare until the kids are in school, however.

You won’t have a commute, so you will save on gas, and you can likely save on clothing. Even if you meet with clients, do parties, or work partly outside the home at your home-based business, you can have a much simpler work wardrobe than you would have if you worked outside the home.

Since you won’t see the same people every day, you can settle for fewer workpieces. Mostly, however, you can dress very casually if you work at home.

In addition, you might also see savings in unexpected areas. You will eat lunch at home most or all of the time, thereby saving on lunch costs.

How easy is it to get caught up ordering things from co-workers or their children? You won’t have to contribute to the workplace birthday fund!

Reason #4: Quality of life

Of course, this is debatable in that not everyone can claim that working at home gives them a better quality of life. That’s due to the simple fact that working at home isn’t for everyone.

However, if you think that working at home might be the thing for you, it’s essential to consider that your quality of life might improve.

When you work at home, you have much more control over your time than when you work outside the home. Depending on what kind of work you do at home, you might have absolute control or just some control; in either event, you will ultimately have a bit more control over your time than when you work at an office.

For example, if the kids get sick, you can be there for them immediately. Similarly, if you are the one to get sick, you’re able to take a day off and make up for it the next day. Lastly, what about self-care? If you want to take a day off to run errands or see a movie, you can do that too without checking in with the boss to get it approved. You’ve just saved yourself anxiety.

You ultimately have a great deal of control over how and when the work gets done. For people who like to work at night, working at home is ideal because they can work through the night and sleep late the next day.


There are many benefits to becoming a work at home mom. Consider what’s important to you in life, and then consider if working outside the home or inside the house is the best way to achieve those life goals. 

After reading, what do you think you are leaning towards?

Maybe we can research and provide more information for you in the next article. Drop a comment below.

Thank you for reading. Please share with someone who needs this!

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